Love Letters Calligraphy by Urbis Scriptores 

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B2J-2001.Treasured words captured by Brian
BVS 2001
"To talk of Birdoswald is to remember the wonder of a starlit night. Those stars, unbeknown to me at that moment in eternity, speared my heart and my soul to yours forever with their lances of silver love light. The very thought of this takes my breath away" 
                                                  Treasured words captured for me by Brian's calligraphy

Love Letters Calligraphy is one of the country's most sought after calligraphy service companies. Our beautiful handwritten calligraphy will enhance your invitations, envelopes, place cards and table plans. A favourite poem or reading can be written in calligraphy to make an ideal present for  anniversaries, birthdays or Christenings
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Some of the companies who regularly use our calligraphy service for instore promotions or corporate events - please click on logos to see our work

Invitation Calligraphy    from £1 per invitation
"Almost every single one of my wedding guests has mentioned the beautiful writing on my invitations and envelopes - I never realised how much of an impression calligraphy makes on people!" Jane Ashfield - What more can we say? Send your invitations to us with your guest list and we will work our magic to give you the perfect finishing touch for your invitations. Alternatively, choose from our our own unique range of wedding invitations  using calligraphy designs to set the tone for your wedding day

 gothic calligraphy in goldColour matched calligraphyColour matched calligraphy
    gothic calligraphy in gold     colour matched calligraphy          italic calligraphy in pink        

Envelope Addressing -    £3 for a five line address
 Let our calligraphers hand letter each of your guest's addresses. Choose the calligraphy style and colour of ink that perfectly compliments your invitations.    
Calligraphy addressed envelope in flourished italicCalligraph addressed envelope in italicFuchsia envelope

Place card calligraphy -    from £1.00 per place card 
Send your place cards to us along with your guest list and we will write your cards in a calligraphy style and colour of your choice. Alternatively, we can supply our own place cards in colours to match your theme

Calligraphy place cards tag style - Fiona
Calligraphy place card tent style - Virginia
tag place cards                  bookmark place cards                    tent place cards

Escort Card Calligraphy
- 'Seating' or 'escort' cards are an alternative to table plans and come in many shapes and sizes - tent style, tag style or with an envelope, send them to us and we will write them in a colour and style of your choice, or if you prefer, choose from our own range of escort cards

 Calligraphy escort card tent styleCalligraphy escort card luggage tagCalligraphy escort card with envelope 
          tent escort card                            tag escort card                  escort card with envelope

Wedding Stationery - our master calligrapher has created a unique range of wedding stationery using calligraphic artwork. We will work with you to create your wedding stationery by using your names, monograms or readings. Please click on thumbnails for a larger image or go to  Invitations,  Orders of Service / Day or Menus  galleries to browse more images.

  Louise Boxed Invitation with rsvp £8.50 Christine - Boxed Order of Service - £5   Helen Trifold Invitation & Menu
   Scroll Invitations for Bridesmaids and Page Boys  
Calligraphy Poems,Vows & Gifts  - commission your very own unique piece of artwork - an ideal way to turn words into a gift to be treasured. Below are a few thumbnail examples to click to see a larger image and more can be seen in our gallery

Twenty Years Abu Ben Adem Hope is a Thing with Feathers Love is a Many Splendored Thing 1st Anniversary Gift - Keiran 
Anniversary gift for Claire Calligraphy poem gift - "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" Ordination gift